The beauty is not in our similarities. It is our differences that make us unique.

Our Mission

EPIK exists to provide all people an opportunity to experience the benefits of dance, to foster an appreciation for art amongst society, and to impact audiences by tackling current and thought-provoking subject matter.

We accomplish our mission through three pillars of activity


EPIK Dance Company fuses classical training and urban street styles to convey emotions, stories, or concepts using movement that best depicts the message without regard to boundaries and rules typically associated with dance styles. Performances range from full stage productions to special events and often incorporate theatre, spoken word and other
artistic elements.

Public Education

EPIK Dance Company offers various classes, workshops, residencies and school lecture/demonstrations in order to foster a love and appreciation for dance as well as other art forms. A connection to the arts and more specifically dance can provide limitless benefits to people, both physically and mentally. Our low-cost options make dance accessible to people of all generations, backgrounds, and lifestyles.

Community Enrichment

EPIK Dance Company uses their performance and education initiatives to partner with a number of community organizations. We support organizations such as AIDS Walk Arizona, Chrysalis Shelter, Recreative Arts, Arizona State University’s “Urban Sol” event, and many more.

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