Dancers of EPIK

Extraordinary team of passionate performers, choreographers and educators.

The beauty is not in our similarities; It is our differences that make us unique.




















Specialties: Hip Pop & Urban Choreography




















Specialties: Hip Hop & Urban Choreography




















Specialties: Urban Styles & Tumbling





















Specialties: Contemporary, Modern & Jazz




















Specialties: Contemporary, Jazz & Ballet




















Specialties: Hip Hop, Tap & Jazz Funk





















Specialties: Contemporary, Jazz & Ballet




















Specialties: Breaking & Tumbling





















Specialties: Urban Styles, Freestyle & Modern




















Specialties: Contemporary & Ballet





















Specialties: Hip Hop, Locking & Urban Styles




















Specialties: Hip Hop & Freestyle


Not Pictured:
Chase “Zoom” Bell, Ayanna Conway, Terrance “Hush” Eddings, Alex Ho, Jessie Hollie, Rylee Locker, Chelsea Neiss, Mariah Shepherd, Maggie Waller, Dorian “Daang” Woodward. Apprentices: Nicky Shindler, Benny Tronsoco