Don't Hold Your Breath

“Don’t Hold Your Breath,” an EPIK Dance Company presentation, follows Kat, a woman tiptoeing the line between her party girl past and the thought of finally growing up and settling down. Typically confident and self-assured, she’s now grappling with the idea of life and death.  Kat finds herself in an MRI machine that could ultimately determine her fate.  As the machine examines her body, she begins to examine her life, causing her to confront some of life’s most existential questions. Has she spent her time wisely?  Would she do anything differently if given a second chance? When it comes down to it, and all distractions are stripped away, what is truly important? Her thoughts take her to memories of her past and visions for her future as she faces the reality that life is finite and tomorrow is not promised.

Simply EPIK

Have you ever felt like you had your own personal soundtrack playing behind you? Like you lived in a constant transition from one song to the next?  Music tells the story of our lives.  It marks time, evokes emotion, tells stories, brings back memories… the impact of music on the human experience is undeniable and our love affair with it will always continue.  Witness a stunning marriage of movement and sound…  “Simply EPIK” presents a fresh collaboration between Arizona’s premier street-fusion dance company, EPIK Dance Co, and cutting–edge string trio, Simply Three.  EPIK continues to make bold statements with their critically acclaimed stage shows, by combining street & classical dance forms with performance art to tell stories and entertain. Simply Three captures the essence of the classical crossover genre, using the bass, violin and cello to blend classical styles with popular songs. Audiences will be entertained with a fusion of original choreography, spoken word, video presentations, and live instrumentation that explores how music affects the mind, body and soul. Together, EPIK and Simply Three bring a mastery of movement, sound and creativity to the stage that lives up to its name, “Simply EPIK.”

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EPIK Effect

In a world where people focus on instant gratification and self-preservation, we often forget that the actions we take today have a lasting impact on our tomorrows.  How can the actions of one person affect all of humanity?  Can a change in thinking inspire what can lead us to minimize the damage we are doing to the world, ourselves, and each other? EPIK reminds its audience there is always a choice and opportunity to create change, and it is time for an EPIK one!

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Common Ground

Every person has a unique story… a distinctive set of circumstances that shapes the path of their life.  But no matter where you come from or what you’ve experienced, there’s something that connects us all… a “common ground.”  We all have hopes and dreams, desires and doubts, successes and failures.  We move through life, sometimes unaware of the connections we have to one another. The premise of Common Ground is the commonality of the human story in a diverse world.

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2011   |   2013